Founded by Industrial Scientists

Well-regarded in their field, Accelerated University was created by practicing Industrial Scientists to provide an education that is much needed in the scientific community: a working understanding of a laboratory. All too often, professionals enter the workplace without the skills necessary to be an effective industrial scientist.

Accelerated University provides the knowledge that students need to produce amazing results in their workplace.

What Will You Learn?

From precision instruments, automated and electronic laboratory equipment, techniques to US Pharmacopeial Convention methods, you’ll become a skilled professional. With careers in hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, public health education, as well as government and commercial laboratories to choose from, your deep understanding and experiences will be in high demand.

If you are already a scientific professional, our curriculum will give you not only a deeper understanding of laboratory science but also the standards and strategies that deliver strong results. We’ll identify the areas that you need strengthening and help you hone your skills in specific areas.

Founded by Industrial Scientists

Our staff are working professionals in the scientific community. Whether you’re a new scientist trying to learn the day-to-day operations of a laboratory or a seasoned employee looking for instruction in specialized techniques, our team’s expertise can help you excel in the workplace. Our instructors’ dedication to their individual areas as well as their passion for education gives you an amazing opportunity to work alongside the best in the business.

Current Courses

We are dedicated to developing the cutting-edge knowledge that is at the heart of Industrial Scientists every day. Continually analyzing needs, we’re developing exciting courses like the following:

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