Science Education Services

Cutting-Edge Science Education

Accelerated University courses are designed to teach theory, subject knowledge, and the standards that are being used in laboratories across the globe. Our curriculum has been designed by working scientists to address the needs of many industries for professionals who can hit the ground running in a laboratory. Our students become familiar with the tools, strategies, and standards of a working laboratory, such as the use of precision instruments and laboratory equipment, basic laboratory techniques, and US Pharmacopeial Convention methods.

All this information and more is presented in a collaborative online learning environment that combines cutting-edge web technology, peer interaction, science education, and the freedom to learn from anywhere.

Educational and practical go hand-in-hand with our curriculum.

Consultative Training Evaluation and Development

Powered by some of the most well-regarded scientific professionals, we’re delivering the knowledge, experiences, and techniques that students need to accelerate efficiency, safety, and understanding. Working closely with your staff, we build a deep understanding of the areas where we can help you strengthen laboratory operations. Knowing your overall goals, we can provide staff the science education and techniques to improve operations and help your company grow.

Solving Global Problems

Partnering with companies across the world, we’re identifying areas where industrial science needs to change. From scaling to meet rising demands to stronger subject matter knowledge in specific areas, Accelerated University is dedicated to taking laboratory science education to the next level. We’re crafting a curriculum that impacts staff development, transforms businesses, and prepares the next generation of industrial scientists. Our instructors are truly global also, having made a massive impact across international science.

Where do you want your scientific company to go?

Accelerated University wants to know how we can impact your business. Please contact us so we can set up a one-on-one conversation.